NameWiz 4.111

NameWiz 4.111: NameWiz rename files and a batch file renaming tool. name, size, extension, date/time, ascending/descending order. Multiple extension, Rename your files in Numerical, Alphabetical or Alphanumeric. Create files and folders. Batch rename. View your images with the Thumbnails viewer. NameWiz works with long and short filenames, wildcard renamer. MP3 plugin which let you rename your MP3 files using the music headers, such as Author name, Album name, Song name etc. The automatic preview let you quickly

First Name Almanac 11.90: Do you know what your first name means? Find out with First Name Almanac!
First Name Almanac 11.90

Name Almanac to create dazzling certificates, desk name plates, wearable buttons and custom- tailored leave-behinds, eliminating the need to buy expensive personalized gifts for their employees, customers and prospects. When you select an individual`s name from First Name Almanac`s database of 250,000+ first names, the program retrieves the meaning of the name, local origin and root of the name and, optionally, lets you include astrological information

name meaning, personalization, meaning of names, entrepreneur, first names

Acritum Sophisticated Rename 3.09: Batch file rename and other kinds of processing; photo and music files support.
Acritum Sophisticated Rename 3.09

name is also capable of changing file attributes, date, time and even the case of filenames. A real breakthrough in the renaming software is the introduction of renaming plugins. A plugin can save the day when all other renaming programs fail to solve the required task. Webmasters will find it useful to rename multiple files on FTP servers - you can use ordinary templates to do it! Sophisticated Rename will spark the interest of photographers because

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optName 3.0: Origin, historical meaning and a numerological analysis of a first name
optName 3.0

optName e-Dictionary will enable you to take a new look at the meanings behind the names of your friends and relatives, as well as your own. The program will help you to make a conscious and well thought-out choice of a name for the baby you are expecting. With this program you will be able to find out origin, historical meaning and numerology reading of a name.

lexicon, forename, baby, girl, glossary, meaning, english, personal, dictionary, numerology, vocabulary, first, history

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Visual Album 1.41

names for images without changing underlying file names. Export images from an album to a folder of your choice using the album`s virtual names instead of the original file names. Smart, configurable file naming technology creates file names that are unique and appear in a sorted list in the same order as in the album, yet still retain the virtual names you assigned. Use exported images to simplify uploading to web pages and photo sharing sites.

auto save, virtual album, rotate, resize, slide show, animated gif, batch rename, fast image viewer

Domain Name Checker 2.1: Domain Name Checker is a professional domain names availability checking tool
Domain Name Checker 2.1

Domain Name Checker is a feature-packed, convenient and fast tool for finding attractive domain names for your personal or business Web site and managing them. With the help of the program you will easily find catchy and easy-to-remember domain names for your business. It contains an ultimate database, integrated Domain Name Generator, Popularity checker and highly customizable user interface

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123Tag 6.1.0: MP3/MP4 Tag advanced edit &  file rename, audio Catalog, manage playlists
123Tag 6.1.0

names can be changed automatically using the tag information or otherwise it can extract tag information from the file name. Personal file ordering in folder is allowed, automatic file numbering is also available. En-mass file treatment. Retrieve tags from MusicBrainz database, lyrics and images by Google automated searches. Powerful search functions using file names or embedded Tags, Picture, Rating. Embedded player, Playlist management and file

tag rename, audio, organizer, catalog, playlist

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